• Advances English vocabulary • 60% of English language composed of Latin derivatives • Increases SAT verbal scores • Strengthens English grammar, translation, thinking and writing skills • Eases the study of Romanic languages, such as French, Spanish, and Italian




• Improves Vocabulary, the “missing link in reading education” • Sharpens communication skills • Increases PSAT and SAT scores • Improves reading comprehension

Spring Classes Available:
Tuesday Evenings Beginning February 5, 2019


 • Stimulates creativity – forces you to use your imagination • Learn how to adapt and be ready for the unexpected • Develops confidence – able to step out and take more risks • Strengthens public speaking and listening skills • Teaches cooperation while building mutual trust and appreciate others gifts

2019 Courses

Music Appreciation

 • Learn how to understand and appreciate classical music • Develops critical thinking • Increases attention span and focus • Contributes to creativity and allows for personal expression