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After a couple of years, I joined a classical Co-Op and began homeschooling my children. While I was there, I was asked to teach Latin, Music and Tennis. This was the beginning of my tutoring in various cooperatives since 1998.

News spread and I was asked to help tutor Latin at Classical Conversations. It was here I was introduced to Henle Latin. This is the curriculum I teach Junior and Senior High School students. Beginning Latin students use the Latin for children curriculum. This text uses a systematic approach and students develop strong foundation of declining and conjugating.  I developed a color system that aids students in memorizing verb and noun endings. Just think of it; learning and having fun at the same time!

Additionally in 2001, I taught music at Lighthouse Christian Academy. The principal asked me to include a section on classical composers. Having loved my Music Appreciation class in college, I was excited to review the works of these great artists. Many students think classical music is dreary, so I knew my work was cut out for me. I spent years of compiling, organizing, and formatting scores of music, so that every song I teach is engaging and interactive. We study the lives and music of famous composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Impressionistic Eras. My
Music Appreciation class is creatively taught and truly fun for all ages! This year I added a Voice class so I'm really excited about that - learning to sing has brought me such joy!

In 2009, I began teaching the WordSmart/SAT Vocabulary Prep class. The idea of the class originated from my youngest son ,Will, desiring to increase his SAT scores. His private SAT tutor instructed him to read through WordSmart several times until he memorized all the words.  As I examined the text, I realized this could strengthen all students' vocabulary. It contains lots of Latin roots and over 1500 vocabulary words. Since pictures are great mnemonic devices to recall definitions, I decided to PowerPoint 
every word; all 825 of them! I created quizzes after each lesson, similar to those given on the SAT. This class is wonderful for increasing students' vocabulary which can improve their communication and writing. I highly recommend this class for sixth grade and up.


My name is Becky Kang. My husband (Yong) and I have three children:
Kathleen (St. Mary’s College 2008), Wesley (USNA 2009), and Will (USNA 2015).

My interest in teaching began when I was 16 years old. I taught tennis for Prince George Parks and Recreation for several summers.  After I obtained my degree in Music Education at Salisbury University, I taught general music at a local Christian school for 7 years. When our family moved to Crofton in 1993, some friends introduced me to homeschooling.