WHY Wordsmart?

          -Score higher on PSAT, SAT, other standardized tests, and entrance

            exams for high school admissions.

          -Improve your reading comprehension and vocabulary.

          -Learn to communicate more effectively.

         -Wordsmarts consists of 825 vocabulary words.

           These words are divided into 3 sessions; each includes 275 new vocabulary.

           Sessions are structured independently from each other, which allows students

           to enter at any time. However, quizzes are cumulative. Students are tested on                      each wordlist they have learned. 

   How can Wordsmart help?

         -Learning the vocabulary words is an important step in maximizing your                                   critical reading of PSAT/SAT.

         -Students who earn high scores on SAT are the students who know the right words

           -In this class students will:

           Have a Visual Image for each word.  (See below for example) 


Wordsmart PSAT/SAT Prep Course

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2020 Tuesday/Thursday Evening Classes

            Dates:  October 27, 2020 - March 11, 2021

                        (Classes will not meet the week of Thanksgiving, and from December 21st - January 7th)

            Time:  7:00pm - 8:00pm

            Classes will meet virtually via Zoom           

       Recommended for Ages 10 to 17

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           -This image approach allows students not only to recall the meaning but also

             retain the words already learned.

          - Learn words in related groups, which makes it easier to recall the word.  

           -Students will be tested after each class with
fun activities and written quizzes -

            (these are cumulative.)

         Improve the ability to choose words with greater precision and sharpen your

           "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference                      between lightning and a lightning bug."     
            –Mark Twain

          - A person's vocabulary can be linked to greater success in the school and the                           workforce.
            Words are tools for both thought and communication, so those who master them                     have a  greater chance of success.